The Butterfly Dream (2013)

“The Butterfly Dream”, a collaboration between Alecia Neo and a Milan-based Chinese language teacher Mao Wen, explores themes of identity, self-knowledge and the importance of dreams.

In the video, Mao Wen selects scenes from movies which he finds deeply moving to form his own narrative.

“The Butterfly Dream” is part of an on-going series where the artist invites individual or groups from diverse backgrounds, to collaborate with her on artworks that often take form in photographs or videos.

The process involves conversations about self-awareness, creativity and the search for new meanings in activities that the participants are currently engaged in.

Video Credits
Featuring extracts from Patrice Leconte’s Le Mari de la Coiffeuse (1990) and Alfonso Cuarón’s Y Tu Mamá También (2001)

  " The Butterfly Dream " (2012) featured in SALE, part of   Manifesta 10's parallel events,   in St. Petersburg, Russia.

 "The Butterfly Dream" (2012) featured in SALE, part of Manifesta 10's parallel events,  in St. Petersburg, Russia.

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 SALE, screening in Moscow 2014

SALE, screening in Moscow 2014