UNSEEN - Taipei 2012

“UNSEEN: An Extraordinary Photography Exhibition” – Taipei, 30th Nov 2012

Visual artist Alecia Neo has initiated a project which collaborates and develops fine art photography work with and for members of the Visually-Impaired Service and Development Division of the Eden Social Welfare Foundation in Taipei (Ai Ming Centre).

During the one month long workshop, the participants learned to express themselves through image-making and writing. The photographs and interviews collected will be exhibited at Ai Ming Centre, in conjunction with a dialogue session. The dialogue session will involve the participants, Eden Social Welfare Foundation, Bamboo Curtain Studio and the artist.

This exhibition was co-organised by Bamboo Curtain Studio (Taipei) and supported by the Singapore International Foundation.

A Life in Common x UNIDEE IN PROGRESS 2012

A Life in Common
art&culture changing key aspects of urban life 

Exhibition curated by Ana Džoki? and Marc Neelen (STEALTH.unlimited) and Juan Esteban Sandoval (Cittadellarte)
Participants: Van Abbemuseum (Eindhoven), Pravo na Grad – Right to the City (Zagreb),
Stroom Den Haag (The Hague), Macao (Milan), Row Houses Community Development Corporation (Houston), aaa (Paris), Smári McCarthy / IMMO (Reykjavik)

Collezione FRAC Piemonte – Fondo regionale Arte Contemporanea
Memory and place disclosed
Exhibition curated by Lucrezia Cippitelli

Artists: Lara Amarcegui, Tobias Buche, Duncan Campbell, Sam Durant, Jimmie Durham, Robert Kusmirowski, Lisa Oppenheim, Reena Spauling (FRAC). Ayman Alazraq, Lindsay Benedict, Angela Henderson, Dina Karaman, Karl Logge and Marta Romani, Alecia Neo, Meghna Singh (UNIDEE).

Frac-lab: Ayman Alazraq, Lindsay Benedict, Angela Henderson, Dina Karaman, Karl Logge, Hektor Mamet, Alecia Neo, Marta Romani, Zaman Shah, Meghna Singh.

Edwin Thumboo – Time Travelling: A Poetry Exhibition 2012


Edwin Thumboo – Time Travelling: A Poetry Exhibition

Co-curated by Michelle Heng, Alvin Tan, Vincent Lim and Alecia Neo

In collaboration with Clarence Chung, Samuel Woo and Liansheng Wang

Opening on Saturday, 29 September 2012, 5.30pm at The Pod, Level 16, National Library Building.

The Guest of Honour for the event is Mr. S. Dhanabalan, Chairman, Temasek Holdings.



Featuring my work "Resting on the Horizon" (2012)

curated by Valentine Willie

 10 August – 2 September 2012

 Featuring works by

Alan Oei, Alecia Neo, Ang Song Nian, Eugene Soh, Genevieve Chua, Godwin Koay, Green Zeng, Hong Sek Chern, Jason Wee, Jeremy Hiah, Jimmy Ong, Kai Lam, Lee Wen, Loo Zihan, Michael Lee, Shubigi Rao, Tang Mun Kit, Vivian Lee, Wei Leng Tay, Zakaria Zainal, and Zhao Renhui 

 The word “foreign” has in the past 12 months become the most used and abused word by Singaporeans, whether in private conversation or mainstream printed and online media. Who are the foreigners? Filipino OFWs working as domestic helpers who have been in the country for ten years? Or Western expatriates sitting in corporate offices on three-year contracts? Perhaps, we should ask instead, who qualifies as a Singaporean, or even, can foreigners become Singaporean?

Urging Singaporeans to accept immigrants, even as he acknowledged, “many Singaporeans are not comfortable seeing so many new strange faces”, Lee Kuan Yew, speaking at a Lunar New Year celebration this year said Singapore’s biggest challenge is its aging population in the face of falling birth rates. Continuing, he says, “Less young people means less sales of new cars, new stereos, new computers, new I-phones, I-pads, new clothes and fine dining. It’s a choice Singapore cannot afford to make. Like it or not, unless we have more babies, we need to accept immigrants.”

In this climate of uncertainty, what is the Singaporean response to these ‘new strange faces’? VWFA Singapore’s annual Singapore Survey show asks this complex question aiming to stimulate conversations around ‘the foreign’. How do attitudes of inclusiveness versus that of ‘othering’ effect the changing face of the country?


Currently in its fourth year, the Singapore Survey serves as a ground to expose and promote the works of Singaporean artists. Conceptualized by Mr Valentine Willie, the exhibition explores the different facets of the country’s identity through the coincidence of diverse themes and patriotic ideals. The aggravation of these necessary conversations regarding the past, present and future of this small island, allow audiences to question their own views on the history and development of the nation.

10 Aug – 02 Sep 2012

Valentine Willie Fine Art, Singapore
39 Keppel Road
Tanjong Pagar Distripark,
#02-04, Singapore 089065

Opening hours:
Tue – Sat 11am to 7pm
Sun 11am to 3pm
Closed on Mondays and public holidays

+65 81331760

M1 Fringe Festival 2012: Art & Faith 2012

M1 Fringe Festival 2012: Art & Faith 2012

Goddess of Mercy (Alecia Neo)

Fringe Commission

The Substation Gallery

15 – 26 Feb 2012

Cover Story on The Straits Times Life!

Review by Mayo Martin, TODAY Paper

"At this point, I should point out that the whole “Faith” bit wasn’t actually coming out as clearly as I’d expected. And the strongest works for me are the two that actually do have some clear signposts: Htein Lin's The Triple Gem and Alecia Neo's Goddess Of Mercy.

Both are installations that allow for some degree of audience participation.

Lin's new work at the Esplanade Jendela is the complete opposite of his previous Fringe 2010 installation The Scale Of Justice (a nominee for the recent APB Foundation Signature Art Prize), which dealt with his experience as a political prisoner under Myanmar's Junta.


And finally, over at The Substation is Neo 's work looking at mother-and-son relationships of two families. Set up as two reconstructed living rooms, one is invited to sit down and just soak in all the artefacts and videos. On one end, that of Dr Nalla Tan and son Tan Ying Hsien (from Neo/Chung's previous collab Villa Alicia); the other, Neo's mother Mdm Tay Siew Hwa and brother Alex.

It plays a lot on contrasts as one sees, in the former for instance, the son jogging as the mother goes around in a wheelchair, the former's interests in wine in contrast to the latter's Christian paraphernalia. The latter sees the mother as a devout Buddhist prayer in parallel to her son's computer gaming ways.

Meanings ping-pong back and forth not only between mother-and-son but between families as well—the two mothers' religious beliefs (Christianity/Buddhism) and states of health (Alzheimer's/cancer-in-remission), the two sons (an avid jogger and wine connoisseur/a car enthusiast and hairdresser), etc.

True, it seems to be a "quiet" visual arts programme for this Fringe edition. But I, for one, am drawn to the gentle persuasions of these two installation works."

Mayo Martin, Today

120206 – Today – Private becomes public (02&03)

Singapore Design Festival 2009

Singapore Design Festival 2009

Selected Participant for Portfolio Show for Young Designers 2009

This Thank You Reception is to show our appreciation for the strong support from our Festival Partners and Sponsors, as well as to allow further networking amongst the design community.The Singapore Design Festival concluded successfully last year with a total of 104 activities presented across 4 Festival Hubs and 44 other venues islandwide.

The Reception will be held in conjunction with the Portfolio Show for Young Designers 2009 exhibition themed Illuminate, which was originally staged as the Feature Event of the Festival last year. This exhibition has returned for another showing at the MICA Building ARTrium until 16 March 2010.

Mr Sam Tan, Parliamentary Secretary for the Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts, will be officiating as the Guest-of-Honour at this Thank You Reception.

Date: Monday 1 March, 2010

Time: 4.00pm – 6.00pm

Venue: The ARTrium (Lobby Level), MICA Building

Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts

140 Hill Street

My work from ‘Hiatus‘ and ‘Home Visits’ will be showcased at the Portfolio Show. Do pick up a copy of the catalogue at the MICA building for more information.

The Berenice Abbott Prize for an Emerging Photographer 2009 - CALIFORNIA


The Berenice Abbott Prize for an Emerging Photographer 2009 - CALIFORNIA

Juror, Tim Wride, formerly the curator at Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Karaoke Man in Green, 2009, Alecia Neo

Karaoke Man in Green, 2009, Alecia Neo

Honorable Mentions (in alphabetical order):
Alecia Neo, Singapore
Jamie Johnson, Los Angeles
Linda Alterwitz, Los Vegas
Marjorie Salvatera, Los Angeles
Naomi Troeger, Santa Monica, Cal

About LACMA: Established as an independent institution in 1965, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art has assembled a permanent collection that includes approximately 100,000 works of art spanning the history of art from ancient times to the present, making it the premier encyclopedic visual arts museum in the western United States. Located in the heart of one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world, the museum uses its collection and resources to provide a variety of educational and cultural experiences for the people who live in, work in, and visit Los Angeles. LACMA offers an outstanding schedule of special exhibitions, as well as lectures, classes, family activities, film programs and world-class musical events. 

"This is a very nice project. These are really well done. There is enough play — clarity, blur — within the body of work to make each picture different."

- Juror Tim Wride on "Home Visits"