Restore offers artworks and experiences of reimagining what is valuable to us, and invites people in the neighbourhood to reconnect with each other.

Inspired by an initial idea of an alternative shop space in the neighbourhood, Alecia invited residents to create personal posters, expressing a wish or issue they’d like to explore. These posters evolved into many different participatory artworks, seeking to make visible the diverse assets in the community. 

Can we reframe how we see the problems of old age? How do we “fix” what’s broken? How do we acknowledge the value and equal status of those who are the least welcome.

Artist Lead: Alecia Neo

Project Assistant: Clara Lim

Participant artists : Jamil B Sereh, Jason Ong, Kok Tai, Saw Lay Cheng, Lim Swee Choo and Koh Hong Peng, Mrs Lee And Cho Win